New Member Information

I’m a new member what do I need to know?

  1. Thank You for volunteering your time, we appreciate you being here.
  2. The Communications Team meets every other month on the 4th Thursday. The meeting is held at KCSD 701 Ball Ave NE. This meeting is for members only. Any guest has to be approved by the Director before they are invited. The months that we do not meet at KCSD we hold an on air net / training exercise. Please check out the calendar for meeting / net dates.
  3. Having access to Email at least once or twice a week is very important if not more. This is how we update everyone on current happenings / needs.
  4. Members MUST have a messaging device within 1 month becoming an approved member Kent County RACES. This means a cell phone or pager capable of receiving text messages.
  5. Because we work for Emergency Management and are a federally sponsored, state run, locally managed program we must complete the Federal NIMS requirements. Please see the following links for the independent study classes. These must be completed and copies of the documents turned into the training coordinator within 6 months of becoming approved. ( while you wait for your approval you can do these also)
  6. An FCC Amateur Radio Technician License is required of all members within 6 months of joining, if you do not have one and need one please contact a member of leadership. Frequently check the Ham in a Day page for upcoming classes.
  7. New members must make 3 consecutive meetings and meeting requirement before they are allowed to purchase / own / wear / be issued any KCRACES uniform or identification.


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